Hazing…in the NFL

For the most part, when someone thinks about hazing they automatically picture scenes from “Animal House” or recall horror stories from their university’s Greek Life organizations. But hazing in its simplest form is bullying. This occurs through all walks of life starting as early as elementary school all the way up to professional organizations.

As I am sure most people have heard, there is a current investigation of hazing occurring on the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. There have been reports of Richie Incognito hazing a fellow teammate Jonathan Martin through verbal abuse, including racial slurs, as well as hazing through rank.

Other players throughout the NFL such as London Fletcher have stated that Rookies are treated unfairly by having to do meaningless tasks for older or “veteran” players. Some of these tasks include delivering them breakfast to their hotel rooms in the morning, or carrying their athletic equipment for them. It is hard for me to imagine that some of the greatest athletes on this earth would need help carrying a few pounds of gear.

Due to the degrading actions toward him, Jonathan Martin has decided to withdraw from the Miami Dolphins for the rest of the season leaving the organization one worthy player short. From a locker room to a Lodge, hazing has no place in adding value to any organization. Whether it be fellow teammates on a sports team to fellow Brothers in a Fraternity, every member brings something unique to the table and no organization can be successful without the full, dignified support of their companions.

Perhaps the NFL can learn something from us…

Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving break with their family and loved ones!


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