Working for Chi Psi – my best career decision

by Nick Gilly, ΔΔ ’07
2007-2009 Alpha Visitor, 2009-2010 Director of Extension


Here’s my photo from the official announcement when I joined staff. Nice, huh?

Coming out of college, I was a bit uncertain in which industry I belonged.  The question of what I would be good at, and passionate about, was daunting, and kept me up nights.  I ultimately decided, after much deliberation, to apply for the position of Alpha Visitor for the Chi Psi Central Office.  Working for Chi Psi turned out to be the best decision I’ve made in determining a career path, as it provided a perfect place to discover what my true skill sets were, provided a place to hone them, and gave me a vast network which helped me to advance my career once I left staff.  Those are all tall statements, so let me explain:

The Central Office is a small, close-knit group of Brothers responsible for running the business of Chi Psi Fraternity and The Chi Psi Educational Trust.  The Central Office staff is charged with a wide variety of tasks: it manages daily business operations and finances, builds upon and executes business plans, fundraises, and advises our Alphas and alumni groups through Alpha visits and broad educational programming, to name a few.  This breadth of responsibility provides the opportunity for the Alpha Visitor to engage and gain skills in each of these areas.  In my case, I found that I had a passion and knack for recruitment, and worked with Alphas and alumni to develop a values-based recruitment program, as well as extension program (opening new Alphas).


It’s definitely hard work, but in the down time, these guys become your family.

I didn’t realize this at the time, but what I was developing were valuable top tier sales and management skills, as well as an understanding of how to look at organizations from a business and strategy perspective, which all served me once I left staff.  The frequent travel and exposure to so many wonderful alumni added exponentially to my perspective and world experience – both of which have been extremely valuable.  I left staff in August of 2010 and, after a brief stint with Phired Up Productions, moved to San Francisco and received a highly coveted offer to work in sales for Oracle Corporation (a Fortune 100 company with a top tier sales force) and have since advanced rapidly within the company, achieving professional and financial goals far beyond my expectations.

I owe this success to the experience gained at the Central Office, as I found that my experiences in Alpha Visitation (which are akin to business consulting) and in recruitment and extension (sales, marketing, and business development) lent themselves incredibly well to both the experiences of interviewing for top tier jobs in many industries and to becoming successful in those roles.

I can’t speak highly enough of my time with the Central Office – it allowed me to develop the skills and experience to pursue a wider variety of career options than were open to many of my peers, and it opened the world up to me.  It’s difficult to explain in only a few paragraphs, so I highly recommend that you find out for yourself what I mean.

Visit to learn more about the position and apply online.

Nick professionalNick currently works as Field Systems Sales Manager for Oracle Corporation. In this position he is responsible for all server and Engineered Systems sales at select Fortune 500 companies in the South San Francisco Bay area. He has worked for Oracle since 2011 and previously served the company in an Enterprise Sales position.


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