Who are you thankful to call a Brother? – Derek Taylor

In Chi Psi we often refer to ourselves as a family of gentlemen. We use the word family in an attempt to convey the closeness of our bonds to those who are not Chi Psi’s. Coincidently, Chi Psi certainly has no shortage of families with multiple Chi Psi’s in the family tree. Recently for me, the family factor of Chi Psi hit close to home.

Nicholas Nathan Taylor, my younger brother, was initiated into Chi Psi at Alpha Pi Delta on November 11th, 2011. Now I share my fraternal family with my real family. I can’t help but be a little nostalgic, thinking of the memories in Chi Psi he and I will build through the years.  From conventions to initiations, Regional conferences, and Alumni weekends.

I think of all the long-standing Chi Psi families; the Jeffreys, the Rays, the Johnsons, the Brewers, the Goodbodys. Many of the aforementioned families have initiated family member upon family member into our sacred bonds. They share the joys of the fraternity they have loved so much with those whom they love the most. What a blessing it must be to have left such a legacy on our fraternity.

Nick, Myself, and our older brother Justin

So in the spirit of thanksgiving I have to give thanks to the “family factor” of Chi Psi. The tradition of Chi Psi passed down from generation to generation. Who knows maybe one day the Taylor’s will join that long list of Chi Psi Families. This thanksgiving the first of those Taylor’s will sit together, as we have always done, over Grandma Brisson’s turkey and dressing celebrating the “family factor” biologically and fraternally.


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