Back to School? You might need these.


Yet again, the summer months have escaped us and the school year is near and approaching, fast. Maybe your freshman year you felt more prepared. You more than likely had a parent accompanying you in the aisles of Bed Bath & Beyond with a 20% off coupon, stocking the cart with all of the essentials and “just-in-case” items for your first time fleeing the nest. Brings back some nostalgia, doesn’t it? Surely, your independence has grown since your days as a novice college student, and you no longer need to rely on mom or dad to helicopter your trips to Target before heading back to school. Needless to say, the years of your late teens and early 20s is a self-taught crash course in Adulting 101. So if you find yourself in need of a bit of guidance with purchase necessities or just some little tips and tricks to make getting by a little easier, check out some advice crowdsourced from the Central Office Staff.

1. Mini Purple Keurig

Gabbie Rimmaudo, Director of Education and Growth

But first, Coffee.

I apologize, that phrase is very overused, though it has some truth. Late nights? Coffee. Early mornings? Coffee. Weirdly monotone professor? Definitely coffee. Pair it with this super cool mug and these to go cups and you’ll save yourself at least three bucks and ten minutes for every time you were going to buy caffeine on campus. (And omg the Keurig is on sale!!).


Mug.jpgTo Go Cups

2. Food Discounts

Dan Hooks, Gamma ’14, Alpha Visitor

There is no shame in being “that guy” when it comes to scoring a free drink at Chipotle. Or using your student ID  for a discount at any of the following food establishments. An education is costly, these kind folks want to help you keep some fluff in your bank account. You are, after all, some of their best customers.

giphy (3)

Arby’s – 10% off
Buffalo Wild Wings – 10% off
Burger King – 10% off
Chick-fil-a – Free drink
Chipotle – Free drink
Dairy Queen – 10% off
Dunkin’ Donuts – 10% off
Firehouse Subs – 10% off
Kroger – 5% off
Papa John’s Pizza – 10-20% off
Pizza Hut – 15% off
Qdoba – 10% or Free Drink
Schlotzky’s – 10-20% off
Waffle House – 10% off
Subway – 10% off
Taco Bell – 10% off
McDonald’s – 10% off

3. A Detailed Schedule

Steve Habat, Beta ’12, Alumni Relations Coordinator

Maybe you’re like myself and feel most awake in the early mornings, and like to get in some time for yourself before having to use your brain. Or, you’re the type to get really upset when you wake up three minutes before your alarm because wow, you really needed those. No one knows what works best for you more than yourself. Brother Steve Habat highly recommends mapping out your days. Give yourself “X” amount of time to do “Y”, and you’ll find yourself way more focused and punctual. It’s much too easy to forget things when you’re livin’ that #collegelife. Lucky for you, there’s all sorts of these nifty planners that can keep you on track.


4. The Glue Stick

#23 Sam Bessey, Eta Delta ’97

What’s better than one glue stick? TWO glue sticks. Seriously, you don’t know what types of projects are going to be thrown at you where you somehow find yourself up until 3 a.m., almost complete, but, you need a glue stick. And that 24 hour CVS just sounds so unappealing in those hours. $#*+!!!. Well good thing you read this blog post, and now know to always have two glue sticks, just ask Matthew Bessey.

Or maybe, you’re a nice guy, and buy the 30 pack of glue sticks for only $7.88 to share with all of your Brothers.


5. Trello

Emily Dewitt, Program Coordinator

This one threw me for a loop, what the heck is Trello? Emily is truthfully one of the most organized humans I’ve ever encountered, (she is the one who addresses all finances, planning and travel for educational programs, our database, every question that comes through the phone line, etc., etc.). My type B personality can’t quite fathom how she does it all, until I checked out Trello, a task management system. Seriously, scroll through their homepage, this can make your life a whole lot easier, especially when it comes to group projects and making sure you hit those deadlines that without fail, always hit on the same day.

6. Emergen-C

Kyle Phillips, Pi Delta ’16, Alpha Visitor

Somebody call 911, we have an Emergen-C!!!! Just kidding, don’t do that. But to prevent an actual emergency from a serious illness, it would be a very smart move to have some Emergen-C in your room for when you feel a sickness coming on, but not yet willing to commit to the Mucinex. Mix one of these little packets in with some water and it turns into a tasty little germ killing drink.


7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Holly Stewart, Development and Communications Coordinator

Okay, I understand this may sound a little boujee and why you may not consider it a “necessity”. But once you have one, it’s presence will be appreciated. Sadly, you are deprived from candles in most on-campus housing (for good reason, fire hazards are not cool), but it doesn’t mean you have to be without a well-scented living space. Set the vibe for studying, relaxing, de-stressing, or just hangin’ out with an essential oil diffuser. Here’s a good bundle of scents and diffuser for purchase.


P.S. If you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two! You may have noticed many of our purchase links are through Amazon, 1) because they’re awesome and have everything, 2) you can buy items through AmazonSmile by logging into your Amazon account at and searching for “Chi Psi Educational Trust”, a percentage of your purchase will be gifted back to Chi Psi. It’s so easy to give back this way, share with your Brothers!


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