Brotherly Grub: Hoboken

Hopefully all of you will one day have the chance to come to Hoboken, New Jersey and visit Alpha Xi at Stevens Institute of Technology. If you do find yourself in the Mile Square City, there are five pizzerias that serve up some seriously delicious slices, which won’t break the bank.

Starting off with my personal favorite, and longtime go to quick slice, is Benny Tudino’s. Between 7th and 6th on Washington Street, this classic pizzeria is a hometown highlight that all the locals love and every visitor is happy to stumble upon. For $3.50 you can walk away with a slice that is bigger than a baby. Don’t believe me? Go in for yourself and tell me the last time you got a slice that was two paper plates long and wider than your face. This pizzeria is a “must try” if you are in the mile square city.

Benny Tudinos

Another favorite of mine is Mario’s Pizza on 8th and Garden Street. This local pizzeria is named after its longtime owner, who can regularly be found twirling dough behind the counter. Make sure to grab a slice of pepperoni or another specialty slice and spend some time checking out the baseball memorabilia that decorates the walls. Mario is a serious Yankees fan and his pizzeria shows it! As a Mets fan, that’s my only drawback.


Next on my list is Torna’s Pizzeria on 9th Street between Park and Willow Avenue. This small pizzeria is run by another longtime Hoboken family and has been making some great pies. My favorite thing on the menu is their Sicilian slices. For under $4 you can get a slice that is two inches thick, coated with some delicious homemade sauce, and topped with ridiculously large pieces of mozzarella cheese. These slices are sure to fill you up and leave you craving it for days to come.


Another pizzeria I frequent is, Napoli’s, on Washington Street between 11th and 12th. This local restaurant has one of the best white pizzas I have ever had. To start the dough is fantastic. It is then topped with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, basil, fresh roasted garlic, and oil. If you are getting hungry, I am too. This pizza is so addictive I only ever order it by the pie. For $20 a large comes with 8 slices. When you open your box, you’ll be so amazed, it will hurt you to pull the first slice out.


Last, but certainly not least, is Uptown Pizzeria on 14th Street between Washington and Hudson Streets. This pizza shop is located one block west of the Hudson River and has a great slice. If you are feeling on the adventurous side and want to combine your love for hot wings and pizza, this is the place. For $3.75 Uptown serves a Buffalo Chicken slice that always hits the spot. Covered in buffalo hot sauce and blue cheese, this pizza is a must try if you are in the north part of town. Grab your slice and walk one block over to have a gorgeous view of the Manhattan Skyline.


No matter where you are in Hoboken, a good pizzeria is not too far away. This is only a list of five of the many different options that are offered throughout the Mile Square City. If you live in the area, hop on a train or take a bus to Hoboken Terminal and try out some of our incredible Pizza. You might think New York City has the best pizza, but you’ll be rethinking that by the time you leave Hoboken.

Alpha Visitor Francis Howitt, Eta Delta ’16

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