Alcohol Awareness

This week, October  16 – 22, is National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week.  It is important that as Chi Psi Brothers, we are empowered to make healthy and informed decisions when it comes to alcohol.

If you are 21 and choose to drink, check out the following tips to help you continue to make healthy decisions for yourself.


  • Learn what your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is for to your weight and height. By knowing your estimated BAC prior to drinking, you can estimate how many drinks will affect your system and in what way. So you know, your cognitive judgement is impaired at .06 percent and at .15 percent and above you have the potential to blackout. Check out your BAC here:



  • Have you been taught that a shower, coffee, or exercise “sobers” a person up? This is a myth! Only time can lower your BAC.




  • Learn the definition of a standard drink is. A standard drink for beer is 12 ounces while 1.25 ounces of 80 proof hard alcohol is considered standard. Drinks are not measured by container (i.e a solo cup), but rather by these standard drink measurements.




  • Create a plan before you drink and set your drinking limit before you start. Think of creative ways to keep track of this – whether it be a note in your phone, only bringing a certain amount of cash to the bar, or whatever works best for you!




  • Remember, you don’t always need alcohol to have fun and to make you more social. Find other activities to do with Brothers and friends!




Need more tips or suggestions? Contact the Central Office.

Gabrielle Rimmaudo, Director of Education and Growth



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