7 Activities to do instead of Hazing

In honor of National Hazing Prevention Week some schools are having students sign a pledge to stop hazing, inviting guest speakers, and some schools are even hosting special screenings of the movie Goat which depicts the dangers that come from hazing. So I am going to do my part and share some alternatives to hazing that can help foster a stronger Brotherhood amongst your Alpha.

1. Do a Campus tour

Invite Alumni to come back and share their experiences from their time in the Alpha while exploring the campus.

The Simpsons season 12 episode 17 12x17 tour guide

2. Have a fireside chat

Set up a fire pit, bring the s’mores supplies and gather around the fire to discuss part of the Chi Psi story like the Cornell Fire.

Image result for family guy campfire gif


3. Let the Seniors host a Pledge Class Dinner

Give the old guys a chance to bond with the young guys and pass on their sage wisdom, funny stories, or a little of both.

Image result for rick best man speech gif


4. Teach the Pledge Class a new life skill

Learn how to build a resume, how to make and stick to a budget, jump start a car or any other life skill that college doesn’t have a class for.

Image result for rick and morty broken car gif


5. Let the Pledge Class plan an event

Give the Pledge Class an opportunity to plan and coordinate an event. They’ll get a taste of what its like to be a position holder in the Alpha.

birthday happy birthday the office


6. Play sports as an Alpha

Get outside play some football, volleyball, soccer, baseball, etc. it is one of the easiest ways to have fun and bond as Brothers.

Image result for family guy sports gif


7. Learn how to dance with a Sorority

Its a chance for Brothers and Pledge Brothers alike to try and impress some ladies with some sweet dance moves, or to proudly show off your two left feet.

Image result for south park dancing gif



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