Tips for a Productive and Manageable Morning


I hate mornings.  Some people dislike them, but I loathe them like an uncontrolled plague.  If I had my way, I would be able to simply slumber till my body is content, but unfortunately unless you are a small child or retired, that simply isn’t feasible.  So instead we must tackle the dawn, day after day.  At the end of this post, you still won’t enjoy waking up every day, but hopefully they will become a little more manageable, and will allow you to lead a productive day.


Tip 1: Wake up earlier –

I know what you’re thinking, my sleep induced delirium is taking hold of my better judgement, but I implore you to try it.  If you wake up earlier, your routine will no longer be hastened, and it will allow you free time to actually enjoy your morning.  Additionally, unless you are that type of person who is completely awake and alert the moment the alarm goes off (everyone hates you), it will allow you more time to naturally wake up.  This is especially important as an undergraduate because you will perform better in class if you are actually awake, not simply lounging in your seat in a semi-slumbered comatose like state.


Tip 2: Don’t Hit the Snooze Button-

That lovely little button, so tempting and alluring, is for better or worse included with almost every alarm in existence.  Don’t sell your soul to its devilish temptation, or you stand to immediately regret it.  By establishing what time you get up, it allows you the ability to plan your morning accordingly, and prevent you from running around 15 minutes before your first obligation like a chicken with its head cut off.  In order to have a morning that you actually enjoy, it is imperative you have time for yourself.  If the temptation is too strong, consider removing the snooze button altogether.  For added effect, consider haphazardly attaching a mousetrap or small tazer where your snooze button once was (Chi Psi Fraternity does not condone, encourage, recommend or support this practice).


Tip 3: Make Time for YOU –

If you only listen to one piece of advice, make sure it is this: make time for YOU in the morning, even if it is just 15 – 20 minutes.  This will obviously be different for everyone, but whatever you find pleasurable in the morning, make sure it becomes part of your routine.  For me, since I am an old man by my colleagues’ standards, this means sitting down with a monstrously large cup of black coffee and reading the newspaper.  For some reason, immersing myself in the news allows me to slowly come to terms with my own existence, and the caffeine gets me the kick that I need in order to tackle the day like an angered Denver Broncos linebacker paired with an unobservant officiating crew.  This is by far the most enjoyable part of my morning, and even if I wake up in the foulest mood, for a brief 20 – 30 minutes, I am at peace.  Whatever makes you happy in the morning will be different for everyone.  Some people really enjoy watching the news, messing with their fantasy football lineup, or just sitting on the porch with a cup of tea. Some psychopaths even enjoy running/exercising in order to shake off the lingering exhaustion.  The point is, whatever floats your boat, make sure it t is a part of your morning.


Tip 4: Prepare the Night Before –

This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how few people are willing to commit to any amount of preparation the night before.  If you feel stressed, and rushed in the morning, consider preparing the night before.  Lay your clothes out, so you won’t have to struggle with what to wear five minutes before you need to be out the door.  Make sure your bookbag or briefcase is packed, and set by the door, so you won’t have to worry about it.  And if you have the money to spend, I would like to suggest the use the greatest invention mankind has graced us with, the delayed brew option on a coffee maker.  If you’re like every other working adult and student, coffee is worth its weight in gold come morning time.  There is nothing nicer than being woken up by the inviting aroma of some freshly brewed Columbian coffee wafting over your slumbering body.


These tips are not groundbreaking, but I assure you that if you give them a go, you will find yourself sharper, and more prepared for the day ahead. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but the final advice I will leave you with is everyone is different, find out what works best for you.  Some people have also recommended going to bed earlier as a solution, but frankly I’ve never tried that and have no intention of starting.


So to everyone out there reading this, I challenge you to try something new tomorrow morning.  Let’s make mornings great again!

Kyle Phillips, Pi Delta ’16

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