My Time in Jersey

This past week I had the pleasure of spending some time with our Brothers from New Jersey. First I was at Rutgers University visiting Alpha Rho. This semester the Alpha’s philanthropy endeavor has been focused on raising money for Rutgers’ annual Dance Marathon. The Alpha has been the University’s leading donor for over the past decade, and is looking to continue the trend. While I was at the Lodge I got to spend some time with both the new Pledge class and the Brothers who were tabling outside the Lodge raising money for the Embrace Kids Foundation. It was a great opportunity to get to know the Brothers all while supporting a good cause.  One night while I was there the Alpha hosted a Breakfast for Dinner night. The brothers cooked up a massive amount of bacon, eggs and pancakes; then opened up the Lodge to the community to come in and enjoy some dinner.


Then I travelled a little further North in New Jersey to visit our Brothers from Stevens Institute of Technology at Alpha Xi. While I was in Hoboken I got to participate in the Pursuit with the Alpha. We read the story of Philip Spencer as a group and had a discussion about Philip’s values and shared our opinions on the events of the Somers Affair. Later we also watched the JAG episode “Mutiny”, to get yet another perspective on the Affair, and it’s always fun to watch TV and eat popcorn with Brothers.

Now I just flew all the way across the country and am currently in Berkeley at Alpha Delta Delta’s Lodge, and looking forward to a great week in California.

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