Secret Santa

The holiday stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years day is easily my favorite time of year. Cold weather pushes us inside, providing opportunity to spend much needed time with our loved ones. A happy change in demeanor always seems to come about, and humanity seems to collectively push petty things aside and take a look at all of things, people, and experiences that we’re thankful for.

Christmas Fireplace

As I sit at my computer with a warm cup of coffee, listening to the fire crackling in the parent’s old wood stove, I’m drawn to reminisce of some of those people and experiences that I’m thankful for. Unsurprisingly, most them include the brothers that I’ve found throughout my time in Chi Psi.

One of my favorite Christmas memories from Alpha Gamma was the Secret Santa party that would take place some time between Thanksgiving break and final exams, often during dead week as a way to relieve some stress. It was a Christmas potluck dinner, where at the end of the night (after a few glasses of the “good” egg nog), the Alpha would crowd around and play Dirty Santa with cheap gag gifts, generally with a $5-10 limit on the price of the gift. Each person drew a number, and, going in numerical order, every person had a chance to either steal a gift from someone who had already gotten their gift or to grab an unopened gift from the pile. It was always great fun seeing what crazy gifts had been bought, and it wasn’t surprising to see a few hand-made gifts the brothers had created themselves.


This is but one example of the many great memories that flash in my mind as I write.

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