Thanksgiving at the Lodge

Thanksgiving is inarguably one of the best holidays of the year for college students. Endless free home-cooked food and a five day weekend? The only thing better than that is sharing Thanksgiving Dinner with your best friends in the Lodge.


It’s always difficult to find a time that works for everyone between studying for exams and travelling home for break. Everyone at the Lodge is pretty busy during this time of the year; so Alpha Beta Thanksgiving usually falls on the last day before everyone leaves for home.  Everyone pitches in and orders huge amounts of take-out from every fast food restaurant in the area, Dominos, Chick-Fil-A, Bojangles’, Cook-Out, you name it. The brothers at Alpha Beta all get pretty excited in the days leading up to this magical occasion. They eat and socialize for hours, resulting in one of the biggest messes the Lodge will see all year long. Clean-up is well worth it though, and the tradition will likely continue for many years. While going home is always a high point during the holidays, there’s no substitute for Thanksgiving at the Lodge.

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