Putt Putt

It’s no secret that social events are a large part of fraternal life, but it’s not fun to throw the same party’s week in and week out that all seem to blend together. Personally my favorite social event that I attended was a lodge mini golf grab a date. The brothers invited a girl as their date for the night and told them to dress geared toward a country club theme.

Then, they spent the day finding items, anything from 2×4’s and AstroTurf to duct tape and card board, in order to make miniature golf holes all throughout the lodge. Physically assembling the holes and messing around with different creative ideas might have been the most amusing part of the event because it brought out the child inside every fraternity man. Of course the creative engineering minds found ways to make full-fledged windmills, build ramps out windows, and make the course as difficult as possible.

All in all, Lodge putt putt was one of the best social events I have attended because it was extremely different from any other fraternity social event I had ever been a part of. The combination of the over the top golf outfits and the makeshift golf holes made for a night that everyone could enjoy. Another aspect of lodge putt putt that stood out was the fact that you could have face to face conversations with each other without having to yell, unlike the stereotypical fraternity social event. The girls who were invited had never played golf in a fraternity house, and hopefully neither had the brothers, which is what made the event so unique and memorable.


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