What Is Brotherhood?

As a Fraternity, we are first and foremost a brotherhood, but what does that mean? Webster defines brotherhood as “feelings of friendship, support, and understanding between people.” This definition of brotherhood hits the nail squarely on the head. Brotherhood is a feeling that we as Chi Psi’s are so privileged to share with one another.

Chi Psi Brothers support each other. College can be a tough time for people, it can be difficult to adjust to a new community, difficult classes, and newfound independence.  My Brothers were there for me through some tough times in college, they pushed me to be better and helped me to balance all of my schoolwork.

Chi Psi Brothers understand each other. While I was in college, Brothers would inevitably get into arguments, but the beauty of brotherhood is that at the end of the day we understood each other, and didn’t let these arguments get between us. It was reassuring to see that despite people getting upset or disagreeing with each other, the fact that we are Brothers trumps that and keeps the bond of brotherhood intact.

Chi Psi Brothers have a friendship unlike any other. I’ll always cherish the late nights in the common room, with my brothers talking about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and any other random topic.

Webster may be able to put into words what brotherhood means, but for me it’s my Chi Psi experience that truly defines brotherhood.


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