Call Your Mom

“You should call your mother.”

We hear this phrase all of the time, but how many of us put forth the tiny amount of effort it takes to actually do so?

Growing up, our mother, or whatever equivalent figure may exist in your life, is by far the person who we most easily take for granted.  We know that her love for us will remain no matter what we do, or the decisions (however dumb they may be) that we make.



She’s the one who cooked for you, cleaned your nasty room, dealt with your hormonal meltdowns, helped you through breakups, and in all honesty, probably misses doing so. She dealt with all of that, yet still yearns just to hear your voice every so often. It would probably be the highlight of her day.

As we get older and our lives get busier, it seems to get harder and harder to call the one person that we should have absolutely no problem doing so. So no matter how busy you get, or successful you may be, make sure you call your mother.

There’s no one quite like Mom.

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