Help Your Brothers

Last time I talked about how to maximize your utility doing community service and philanthropy. It’s a fairly convincing argument for those that want to do community service but found projects to tedious or boring. Today I’m talking to those of you who couldn’t care less about helping the community or think they just have better things to do. You honestly don’t know what you are missing.


I mentioned it before but some of the most fun events in college also happen to be philanthropy or community service events. If you still don’t care about helping random people, think about helping your Brothers. Several of your Brothers put a lot of time into planning events. Anything from picking a date, contacting the organization, finding what time works best for everyone, coordinating with a sorority, coordinating with the college, etc. All they asked is if you could just show up eat some ice cream and pet a puppy.


So don’t sit in an Alpha meeting and s#!+ talk their ideas and not participate because that puts the whole Alpha in a negative mindset. Instead, be a good Brother, and participate and contribute even if it’s not your “thing” because that’s what Brothers do. We look out for each other and help out one another. You have free time. Stop marathon-ing whatever show on Netflix for one day and go help your Brothers. Seriously the next time Nextflix stops you and you instinctly reach for the “Continue Playing” button on the screen consider if you really do want to watch another hour and a half of TV. The next time you see that button you will have watched in total 3 hours of TV. You could have slept in, gone to a philanthropy event and still had time to come home and watch an hour of TV.

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