The Basics of Nick Strelke, Sigma Delta ’15


1. Fight, Blue Devils, Fight!

I am proud to be a Duke Blue Devil – even if that makes me the villain during basketball season!  I graduated from Duke University with a B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Duke, and I will never forget the experiences I had there.

2. Argyle, TX

I grew up in a little town in Texas called Argyle – yes, like the sweaters. It’s a nice, rural town where if you don’t own your own horse, you know someone who does – no, we do not ride them to school, but we would if we could.

3. Hobbies

I’ve been a drummer since I was 11 – I don’t play drumset, I play the cool kind, the drumline.  I love to go golfing, especially with my dad. Unfortunately I haven’t had too many opportunities to hit the course recently; my handicap is proof of that.  I also enjoy playing Ultimate; so when I come visit, let’s get a game going, or at least throw the frisbee around.

4.Chi Psi


My time at Duke was truly special, and Chi Psi was an integral part of that. I learned so many valuable lessons from Chi Psi, and met numerous incredible people. As an Alpha Visitor, I’m looking forward to getting to meet countless more Brothers, and to help them create their special, Chi Psi experience.

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