The essentials for Daniel Hooks, Gamma ’14

Profile Pic (White Shirt)

1.) Hotty Toddy

I was raised to be a Rebel, and attended the University of Mississippi, where I graduated with a B.A. in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. I loved my time at Ole Miss, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. The football program is on the rise, just wait!

2.) Carrollton, MS

This is my rebuttal to Nick Taylor’s previous post, where he stated that the small town he hails from is small, with a population of about 388. The population of my hometown totals in at a resounding 188, yes 188, people as of the 2010 census. Yes, I can name each person individually (not really).

3. Hobbies

I’m a bit of a spark plug, and like inserting Step Brothers quotes into every possible conversation that I have. When I’m not showing my quotational prowess, I enjoy playing the drums. I’m just as happy going to toss a football or kick a soccer ball as I am wiring in and playing a few ol’ fashioned video games. Have FIFA ready when I hit your Alpha. You’ve been warned.

4. Chi Psi


I’m so happy to have found my brotherhood in Chi Psi, and I look forward to expanding that brotherhood further as an Alpha Visitor. This organization has given me more than I ever dreamed that it would, and I’m so happy to help in making sure that others have a meaningful experience as well

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