Managing your Network


Keeping in touch.

Through social media, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been in contact with people in your network. You know Sally graduated, Joe got a new job, Bill is heading to law school and Ken’s wife had twins! This is not the way to stay in touch and become updated on other people’s lives. The same holds true for your Brothers over the summer.

Make sure you are reaching out to guys as you think of them to get a personal update on what they’re up to. Plan trips to visit guys who move. Schedule area get-togethers for Brothers who live near each other in the summers. Otherwise, you may not see them until an unfavorable event like a funeral or a wedding (the death of spur of the moment trips with friends).

When I am making long drives, I make sure to call 4-5 guys who I haven’t heard from in a while. They’re not always Brothers. Sometimes I call old bosses or professors. These connections will not keep themselves afloat without a little maintenance. That maintenance is just picking up the phone. You’ll probably enjoy it.

While I’m on the road visiting Alphas, I make sure to check the nearby friends feature on Facebook to touch base with people I know in the area. If you travel for work or find yourself in another city for whatever reason, give this a shot!

While you’re living at school staying so closely connected through Chi Psi and other student organizations, it couldn’t be easier to develop close friendships. After graduation, it becomes a little more difficult to do. Sometimes these types of check-ins can lead to some surprising opportunities.


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