What is Water? Perspective

Each May as we celebrate another year of Chi Psi Brotherhood, we are reminded to look back to the founders and their vision of Chi Psi to carry us forward. In that spirit of looking back to those who have come before us, for this year’s Founders’ Day blog series, we asked each Central Office staff member to give some older and wiser pieces of advice to his freshman self.

In this final post, we’ll hear from #23 Sam Bessey, Eta Delta ’97:

I pledged Chi Psi almost 22 years ago, and I think anyone would find it difficult to argue that I have not made the most of my experience. As an undergraduate I took advantage of all Chi Psi and the Oregon Greek community had to offer. As an alumnus I’ve had the privilege of working professionally for Chi Psi. This experience has allowed me to develop an even deeper understanding of the positive influence the organization can have on the men in our Alphas.

Because of my intimate involvement in Chi Psi, the advice to my eighteen year-old self will not be related to the Fraternity. Here goes: “Sam, you should go to class, get to know your professors, take interesting classes, and explore all of your interests.”


Why this advice? It’s hard to realize as an 18-22 year-old the plethora of learning opportunities available at a college or university. It’s also difficult to envision the “old” people teaching your class as someone you might want to know on a personal level, someone who might enjoy talking about their subject matter outside the class, or as someone who would be excited about providing assistance if you’re having difficulty understanding a concept. Now that I would rather listen to NPR than Ariana Grande, I sometimes think about the lectures I could have attended or classes I could have taken that would have provided just a little more intellectual stimulation or created a broader world view. Back then I didn’t think I had the time for such pursuits. Now I wonder what I did with all of my time in college!

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