Get Involved!

You only get out of the fraternity what you put into it

This is something I wish I had figured out much earlier in my fraternity experience. My first two years in the fraternity I just coasted through. It wasn’t until my junior and senior year when I took on leadership roles that I realized that the more I put in the more I would benefit and the more I would enjoy my experience. If you go all in fraternity is the gift that keeps on giving and continues to give well after college.


Life is about the hands you shake not the grades you make…so get involved

I’m not saying that academics are not important by any means. Your #1 priority is you are there go to school, but I believe there is a balance so don’t stress over being the perfect student. To be honest with you, I don’t use a thing that I learned in the classroom in my day-to-day life. I feel like I got my true education through being involved in various things around campus. My biggest regret was not getting involved in more things my freshman year. I don’t how many times I have heard the excuse from college students that they don’t have the time. You have all the time in the world Take on leadership roles, join various clubs and organizations, and put your all in toe the fraternity. Trust me it will pay off. It’s up to you to make an effort to meet people and build these relationships. Meet as many people as you can and invest yourself in building relationships. Even though you will not become friends with all of them, the more people you talk to the more of a chance you will have to find people you click with and could possibly help you later in life.


College will Fly By

The four years go incredibly fast, so make the most of them. It’s the only four years of your life when you’re surrounded completely by thousands of people your own age, and the last step before you enter the real world, so enjoy it while you can but make wise choices.



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