You’re Here for School First!

Each May as we celebrate another year of Chi Psi Brotherhood, we are reminded to look back to the founders and their vision of Chi Psi to carry us forward. In that spirit of looking back to those who have come before us, for this year’s Founders’ Day blog series, we asked each Central Office staff member to give some older and wiser pieces of advice to his freshman self.

Next up, we’ll hear from Expansion Specialist Max Greene, Psi Delta ’14.


You’re here for school first.

I understand you are learning more from your clubs, and making connections may seem more valuable than going to class. Your opportunities diminish if you fail to make school a priority. You may very well network into a job opportunity only to find out that they have a GPA or grad school requirement. You need to treat your GPA like a credit score, a couple months of procrastination can lead to years of rebuilding efforts.

All of your time spent studying doesn’t need to take away from your ability to network and work with others. Use your professors’ office hours. They have experience in the industry and are being paid (YOU’RE PAYING) to help you! Pick their brains as they teach you. This is how you take steps towards asking for a letter of recommendation. Getting to work with professors outside of the classroom will pay off dearly in the long run. They’ve figured out the benefits of teaching, which you can start doing as well.

Sitting in the classroom is one way to learn. Pick up a concept and practice it a few times, and you’ll be ready to regurgitate it on test day. To lock down the concept permanently, find a friend who’s struggling in the class and help them grasp the concept. The key phrases and ideas that made the information click for you is fresh, so convey those ideas to others. Conversely, if you find yourself struggling and the professor’s teaching style isn’t clicking for you, see if a peer can explain things differently. As you do both of these things, you’re building a network centered on work and support, things that you ought to keep first and foremost throughout personal and professional life.

Finally, avoid people who are going out too often and putting school on the back-burner. Those mindsets and excuses are contagious. You’ll find yourself making the same justifications for putting off a paper or waiting another day to study for an exam. Your best bet is to surround yourself with hard workers who balance the work and play. You’ll be able to gather skill-sets and behaviors of everyone you surround yourself with, overall, driving you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

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