Hindsight is 20/20

Each May as we celebrate another year of Chi Psi Brotherhood, we are reminded to look back to the founders and their vision of Chi Psi to carry us forward. In that spirit of looking back to those who have come before us, for this year’s Founders’ Day blog series, we asked each Central Office staff member to give some older and wiser pieces of advice to his freshman self.

First up, we’ll hear from Alumni Engagement Coordinator Steve Habat, B ’12.

You know what they say. “Hindsight is 20/20.” It seems that most of life’s challenges are much more easily solvable in retrospect. A problem that seems impossible to answer in the moment will be a laughable, minor obstacle years down the road. I try to approach every major life decision with this in mind. My advice to a new member or potential recruit of Chi Psi is to fully involve yourself.

Go all in! Leave nothing on the field! This time in your life is a series of wonderful opportunities available through your university, your brotherhood, Chi Psi National Fraternity, and your alumni network. There is great potential for personal growth and life experiences that will never be realized unless you commit to being involved.


Try to look at each opportunity and experience from a future perspective. Imagine how you will feel about your decisions years after your college days are over. Would you regret not being a leader in Chi Psi? Run for a chairman position, or a place on the Executive Committee and help lead your Alpha! Would you wish you were more involved on campus? Join clubs, meet people, get involved! Would you regret not traveling? Study for a semester in Europe! Would you wish you would have taken advantage of Chi Psi’s resources? Go to Convention, network, and participate!

Being involved and getting out of your comfort zone are essential parts of the college experience, and the more you learn and do, the more benefits you will see in the future. However, the most important piece of advice I could give any new or potential member of Chi Psi is to appreciate your time with your Brothers. Right now is a unique time when you’re surrounded by your best friends and have the time to enjoy their company. These men will be your best friends for the rest of your life, but college does not last forever. Live in the moment, think ahead, and enjoy every minute.


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