My Chi Psi Guys – Joan Buglewicz

In this time of unrest on some campuses of colleges and universities, I wanted to write about my two sons, both Chi Psis. Doug, the elder of the two, graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BA in Psychology and a minor in English. Andy, my younger son, graduated cum laude with a BA in Biology. Both men went on to graduate schools at Ole Miss and are a psychologist and physical therapist, respectively. While at Ole Miss, they both were recipients of Chi Psi scholarships.


Most mothers are unaware of many of the activities occurring in fraternities, but I had a bird’s eye view back in 1970-1972. While my husband was in graduate school at the University of Nebraska, we were hired to be houseparents at the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. I saw first hand how young men made lasting friendships while in college. I saw these men mature and learn to take responsibility for the care and management of their house as well as their activities.

As my sons became more involved in Chi Psi activities, I was encouraged to see them become strong, decent men with good morals and values. This Alpha was very involved in philanthropic activities, particularly the American Cancer Society. At one time, their was a Chi Psi member on the local Board of Directors. The Chi Psis at Ole Miss founded the Chi Psi Parents Club in 1993, a group we were happy to join. It was amazing to me that a group of young men actually wanted their parents to be involved in their activities.

This Ole Miss chapter has stressed diversity and inclusiveness in their membership. I have had the privilege to know many of their brothers over the years and I have yet to be disappointed by any of the alums or actives.

Both sons have worked with actives over the years since they graduated. Doug has been instrumental in assisting in workshops and retreats. Because of his work last year, Doug was honored with an award naming him Alumni Advisor of the Year by the Interfraternity Council.

Doug and Andy continue to network with Chi Psis from not only Ole Miss, but other chapters as well. I cannot stress enough the wonderful experiences they have shared as Chi Psis, and hopefully the actives at Ole Miss will be able to say the same in years to come.


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