My Chi Psi Guy(s) – Teri Sloan

Following up Max Greene’s powerful “You are Not my Brother” post, we’ve asked other Brothers to reach out to their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, significant others, friends and bosses to share their honest stories of the effects of Chi Psi Brotherhood on their Chi Psi Guys.

Today on the blog, hear from the Central Office’s resident sorority girl, Teri Forsythe Sloan.

Brothers, ask those closest to you to send in their own personal stories of the impact of Chi Psi. If you’re a friend or family member of a Chi Psi, tell us about the impact the Fraternity has had on your Chi Psi Guy. Post your responses as a comment or send them to

Me with a few of my favorite Chi Psi Guys

Me with a few of my favorite Chi Psi Guys

In college, I was a sort of anti-fraternity sorority girl. I didn’t go to “frat parties.” I avoided mixers as much as I could. To me, “frat boys” were the obnoxious drunks who cheated on my sorority sisters with my other sorority sisters (Sidenote: This is stupid, boys. We girls talk, so you’re just going to end up dumped twice and hated by an entire sorority. You’ve been warned.) It was my belief that the few good fraternity men I knew were really just the exception to the rule.

Full disclosure: I am a total girl’s girl. In fact, I often joke with many of my friends that I lied in my interview to work for Chi Psi when I told #23 Sam Bessey, “Of course I’m comfortable in an all-male environment!” I was completely terrified, but I needed a job. And, hey, I could always find a new job when these “frat boys” turned out to be just as obnoxious as I remembered. Cut to nearly five years later…yeah, about that.

After years of judging fraternity men the same way the media does, my Chi Psi guys have changed my mind. Now, anytime I read or hear about the latest fraternity scandal, I am filled with anger: anger at those ridiculous “frat boys” who keep doing stupid, horrible things; anger at the media who keep perpetuating negative stereotypes instead of showing the positive impact of fraternities; anger at the hateful commenters (why do I read the comments?!) who continue to spew hate rather than actually try to understand the value of these great, long-standing organizations.

The gentlemen of Chi Psi are among the most exceptional men I know, and they’ve changed my mind on the nature of fraternity men. Yes, I work for the organization so I may be a bit biased, but I know plenty of people who don’t like their co-workers. My co-workers on the other hand – both past and present – are like brothers to me. I know I could always call any of them for anything. I can’t imagine any of these men treating women the way I hear “frat boys” do so often in the news. In fact, I am confident that not only would these men never do such things, they are the first to join me in fighting against such despicable behavior.

The alumni I work with every day show me the generosity of time, treasure and spirit that I hope to emulate throughout my life. These men have shown me that success and snobbery are not one in the same. When I hear so many criticize fraternities for being exclusive clubs for wealthy white men, I know they’ve not met the gracious Chi Psi men I know.

Lastly, the undergraduates, the ones who are getting all fraternity men in such hot water these days – I’ll admit that through the years of Conventions and Mid-Year Leadership Retreats, I’ve met a few bad apples, but I’ve learned that those men are the exception, not the rule. The majority of the undergraduates I’ve met are impressive, driven young men who are really working to create a positive impact on the world. I’ve met men who have spent their summers biking across the country to raise money for children with cancer, men who spend weeks on a different campus helping the staff build a better Chi Psi experience, men who are leading their universities as Student Body President, men who are carrying out innovative public health research in impoverished nations. These men couldn’t be further from the “frat boy” image I see so often in magazines, newspapers and online.

These men are my Chi Psi Guys. They are the men who are living out a positive example of fraternity every single day. They are the men who have changed my mind on fraternity.


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