My Chi Psi Guy – Mother of Justin Froeber

Following up Max Greene’s powerful “You are Not my Brother” post earlier this week, we’ve asked other Brothers to reach out to their moms, dads, brothers, sisters, significant others, friends and bosses to share their honest stories of the effects of Chi Psi Brotherhood on their Chi Psi Guys. Today, hear from the mother of Assistant Executive Director Justin Froeber, Pi Delta ’10. Brothers, have those closest to you send in their personal stories of the impact of Chi Psi. If you’re a friend or family member of a Chi Psi, tell us about the impact the Fraternity has had on your Chi Psi Guy. Post responses as a comment or send them to


Fraternities and sororities have had a tremendous amount of bad publicity recently. The media has put all groups in one basket and labeled them bad. I don’t believe that a few “bad apples” should spoil the whole basket.

As the mother of a fraternity brother, Justin Froeber, I am proud to say my son is a member of Chi Psi. As a freshman at NCSU, my son came to talk to me and his dad about his desire to pledge to this fraternity. My initial reaction was not positive; I must say the 70’s stereotype of “Animal House” was all I knew of such groups. However, trusting the ethical judgment his father and I raised him with, and learning more about Chi Psi, I supported his decision.

Chi Psi nurtured his growth and had positive influences as he developed into a well-rounded young man. He made many new friends from different nationalities and races. He learned to work with a very diverse community. These friends and this community have supported him in many endeavors and hardships through school and after graduation. He became involved in community service, such as the Pink Tie Ball, which supports breast cancer research. He expanded his leadership skills. He now works for Chi Psi and endeavors to assure this organization is “the cream of the crop.”

As I have learned through my son, Chi Psi strives to be very selective in choosing the young men invited to join. They recruit individuals that will embrace the brotherhood of gentlemen striving for excellence. Perhaps other fraternities would be more successful if their selection process was similar.

My hope is that soon the media will take notice that not all fraternities and sororities are the same. I hope they will choose to recognize the groups that function at higher standards, service and excellence. Until then I will proudly wear my purple “If I were a guy I’d join Chi Psi” shirt. Keep up the great work Justin! I’m proud of you son!!


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