The Art of Sucking Up

In today’s society, suck-ups are frowned upon. They’re always hanging around the boss and complimenting his new cologne. Everyone hates the suck-up, right? Not entirely true. Your boss doesn’t hate the suck-up. Plus, if anyone hates the suck-up, then they’re doing it wrong. In this article, I am going to teach you how to become the best suck-up this side of the Mississippi.

suck up3

1. Suck Up to Your Co-workers

Being nice to your co-workers is just as important as being nice to your boss. Promotions take into account how popular you are, especially if you’re being considered for a management position. Try bringing in a dozen donuts the next time you come in to work. Or host a March Madness party on the weekends. It’s hard to make relationships when you’re buried in a computer screen.

suck up 4

2. Become Good at Golf

You want to spend as much time with your boss as possible. Golf locks you in a small vehicle for three to four hours. But, if your boss doesn’t play golf, you can do whatever your boss does in his spare time. Making that personal connection is key to being first on the list to get promoted within the company.


3.  Master the Art of Hand-Written Thank You Notes

Did you just have a job interview and want to give yourself an edge over the competition? Write a thank you note to let your potential employer know you appreciate their time. Additionally, thank you notes can show that you know how to build and maintain relationships, a skill any employer can find value in.


4. Remember Birthdays

It’s the little things that matter, and there is no bigger “little thing” than someone else’s birthday. It may seem insignificant, but taking two seconds to write birthday cards for the year can mean a lot to someone else when their day comes. Keep them in your desk so you’re prepared when you inevitably forget it’s Jenny’s birthday.


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