Bro Time

There isn’t enough bro time on the social calendar. Many times a week’s social events will be packed with a date night, a mixer, and maybe even a party to top it off. Other weeks it’ll be constantly inviting people over to “maintain” your image on campus. In all the frantic and constant push to interact with outside stakeholders, sometimes we forget that the Brotherhood is a stakeholder as well.

You, individually and collectively, have to make sure not to forget that spending time with Brothers is important. This can range anywhere from a Brothers-only bowling night to grilling burgers. Check out the Online Guide to the Program for Excellence for some great event ideas and planning guides.

It doesn’t have to be a well-organized event, though. Just carving out some open bro time can be just what the Brotherhood needs. Some of my favorite memories are from very late nights and early mornings sitting outside the Lodge singly loudly and out of tune with my Little Brother and a couple other Brothers to our aptly named “Sing-A-Long” playlist.

It’s great that we do so many things, and are involved in so many things on campus. It’s great that we want to push ourselves to a have high social excellence and maintain it. Just remember to make time for the people that you joined and love and have yourself a little Broccasion once in a while.


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