Leveraging Alumni Relations for Recruitment

One of the most overlooked aspects of fraternal life is the access to more experienced members of the fraternity. These Brothers can be used in a variety of ways that help the Alpha move forward in their pursuit of excellence.  Alphas frequently utilize alumni for networking, advice, and property management. But there’s one way that few Alphas utilize their alumni. Recruitment and new member education is a great way to get alumni invested in and improve their relations with current membership.

1. Have Them Reach Out to New Members!

Remember when you first joined the fraternity? You knew a good portion of the Brothers, but not all of them. And you had just become part of a new member class in which you knew no one. Top it all off with brotherhood meetings and new member education meetings once a week and that makes for a pretty foreign experience. The first few weeks of your fraternal journey are the most delicate and can either reinforce the decision to join or bring up doubts as to whether it was the right choice. Having alumni reach out to new members can help these men make sense of the long term benefits of fraternal life. It allows them to see that their experience with the fraternity is going to continue long after they graduate.


2. Host an Alumni-Attended Recruitment Event

As a potential new member, you get bombarded with all sorts of reasons that you should join a specific fraternity. “We have the best  GPA,” “We throw the best parties,” and, “We’re not like other fraternities” are a few of them. But what if you could actually show them why you’re a better organization? Having the alumni at an event not only reinforces the notion that this experience continues long after you graduate but also that there are plenty of networking opportunities through the fraternity.


3. Ask for Referrals!

Leveraging alumni in your recruitment can be as simple as asking for referrals. An alumnus will usually know if their friend’s son is making plans to attend his alma mater. Or maybe one of your alumni know of a legacy attending your school. Either way, it’s an easy way to add names to your names list. Shoot the chairman of your Alumni Advisory Board or the Central Office an email to see if there’s an easy way to reach out to all of your Alpha’s alumni as well as any local alumni!

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