Self-Serving Service

When it comes to motivating the members of your Alpha to do community service it can be hard to lead with, “It’s the right thing to do”, or “It’s for a good cause”. Of course it is. No one is really going to disagree with you on those points. But what’s really on everyone’s mind beside, “How early do I have to wake up?” is:

“What’s in it for me?” The philanthropy or community service that you have chosen for the Alpha better have a good answer to that question. Now this isn’t to say your membership is just a bunch of self-centered jerks, but they are college students with busy lives. They are constantly weighing which decisions will create the most benefit. If you create an event where they can see a lot of value-add for them, it’ll help getting everyone on board.

This isn’t hard, it just requires pitching what your doing differently. Talk about what THEY are going to get from volunteering. Whether they are going to learn how to do something new, meet new friends, feel good about accomplishing something, spending time bonding with Brothers, or just receive a bunch of free swag, let them know that community service isn’t just for the community. It’s okay to be a little selfish with your selflessness.

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