Leveraging Your Brotherhood for Personal Development

For years Greek Life has cultivated leaders such as senators, CEO’s and even United States presidents. During their time in college they gained valuable leadership, social, and networking skills from their fraternity or sorority that made their achievements possible. So what did these members do that every other Greek member didn’t? Simple, they took advantage of the personal development opportunities their fraternities offered.


Leadership Positions

Fraternities offer a plethora of ways to get leadership experience, the most obvious being the position of President of the Alpha. Others include Recruitment Chair, Treasurer, Vice President, New Member Educator, etc. There are also leadership positions with your college’s Interfraternity Council. Any of these positions will provide you with valuable leadership experience you can flaunt at your next interview.

Car maitenance

Program for Excellence Events

These events can teach you new skills that will be useful in your transition from college student to fully matured adult! Wine tastings can be helpful when your potential employer asks you to order wine for the table. A Dress for Success event can teach you basic wardrobe knowledge that could put you a step ahead of other candidates. If your Alpha isn’t already doing these types of events, talk to your Brotherhood chair about getting one going.

Wine Tasting

Social Skills

Joining a fraternity opens up a world of socializing opportunities. You have the ability to meet new people each week through philanthropy, social, recruitment, and local Greek life events. Take advantage of these to meet new people and brush up on your social skills. Employers and people looking for friends tend to lean towards people who can carry on a conversation.



Networking opportunities could be viewed as the best benefit of joining a fraternity. They allow young professionals to link up with accomplished individuals in their field through our fraternal bonds. Take full of advantage of networking opportunities in your area like regional alumni, Founders Day, and alumni reunion events. You can also contact an alumnus to see if he knows anyone in your prospective field of work he can connect you with.


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