Say Hi to Your Mom

So it’s 2015 and your Alpha has resolved to finally engage some other stakeholders, namely parents! But where to start? Do you host a cocktail event or invite them to a tailgate? Sometimes these types of events can seem daunting to set up especially for the very first time. A newsletter is another good idea for engaging parents (and other stakeholders) but those typically don’t go out till later in the semester when a lot of the New Year’s resolve has run out.
A great way to take that first step into parental communication is a letter to the new member’s parents. Why leave the first impression they have of fraternity to chance when you can simply have it be good? Parents are often left wondering what their kids are up to at college, and let’s face it, we don’t really tell them much. Nothing will put them at ease more than receiving a nice letter letting them know what their son has chosen to commit to and how he is going to strive to be a better person and that we as the fraternity will be there for him. It won’t seem out of the ordinary as this is their first taste of their child’s fraternal experience plus there is the added bonus of helping dues collection as, for many Brothers, parents pay or help pay our dues.
This is an easy first step that will get the new members as well as their parents working with you. I encourage you all to do it and cross something easy of your Alpha’s New Year’s List.

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