Engaging Members in Recruitment

There is one complaint that nearly all of our Alphas have during recruitment: apathy. Brothers not talking to potential new members, not showing up to events, or just not pulling their own weight. A lack of effort put forth by your members causes your recruitment to crumble. So how do we solve this seemingly national problem? Unfortunately, it is not as easy as pulling these members aside and having a stern talk. So to help you brainstorm ideas, I have a few ways that I have found to be good tools for getting your members engaged.


1.  Fun Events

Are your Alpha’s recruitment events lacking a certain panache? Maybe you have been doing the same events year after year? Sometimes getting better attendance is as simple as hosting better events. Older brothers get tired of doing movie night every six months. A general rule of thumb is to make sure your events are memorable. What sounds more memorable, a BBQ or Man vs. Food? If you’re interested in finding some more events for your Alpha’s recruitment, the Program for Excellence lists some great events. Recruitment Teams

2. Recruitment Teams

These teams are great for two reasons. First, they take a lot of responsibility off the Recruitment Chairman so he can focus on managing the brotherhood’s overall recruitment. Second, they give members a personal stake in the recruitment process. These teams work by dividing the brotherhood into groups equal to the number of recruitment events planned. Each group has a team captain and is in charge of putting on their assigned event. The groups should be aware of their assigned event and team members at least a month in advance. Try this during your next recruitment and see if you can get a background brother to be a team captain!


3. Coffee Dates

A “coffee date” describes a very broad range of ways to meet up. A “coffee date” could be you and a recruit getting together to play basketball one day. Provided you push the recruit further along in the recruitment process, you accomplish the same goal as a normal coffee date. Use this recruitment tactic to your advantage by sending brothers to do activities with recruits that they are mutually interested in. It’s best to send two brothers along to each meeting so the recruit gets to meet a variety of members.

4. Allow Personal Investment

All to often Recruitment Chairmen try to do everything themselves. The end result is that brothers feel like they are just going with the flow instead of being all hands on deck. A good Recruitment Chairman breaks up every aspect of recruitment so each brother can play a part in the process. Do you have ten guys who are not very good at talking to recruits? Assign each of them five brothers, they are responsible for reminding the brothers to invite/meet up with their recruits during the week. Everyone has a part to play in recruitment for your Alpha, you just have to find out where everyone fits.

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