Chi Psi’s Favorite Things – Sam Bessey

For the fifth annual Chi Psi Thanksgiving blog series, we asked the Central Office staff to tell us what they are wishing for this holiday season, Chi Psi’s very own Favorite Things. Today you’ll hear from Sam Bessey.

Dear Santa,

I’m not sure I’m comfortable asking for anything this year.  My cup runneth over: 

I’ve got happy, healthy kids who make each other laugh.


Meg, who is a converted lover of felines, already got me two cats and a subscription to Cat Fancy (I actually gifted CF to myself).


Matthew has seen the Giants win three World Series in five years of life and Evelyn continues to covet her Tim Lincecum action figure.


As Max wrote, I’ve got a decent sock collection. Dick Lodge has a better one.  I aspire to match it.  Both of us are on the look-out for interesting and colorful socks that go up to the knee to prevent slippage.  But this is the section about all the stuff I already have, so please don’t go to any trouble.


But I don’t want to be rude, so maybe a few requests would be okay.  Here goes:

Please send some snow to accompany the school snow days this winter.


Please let Oregon play Florida State in the playoff.


A 1978 Ford F-250 Ranger 4 speed manual transmission with a granny gear and a 460 engine.  I don’t mean to be too specific but I figured I’d shoot for the moon on this one.


Please send a Candlestick Park urinal to Max.  He makes a good point in his blog, and he should have the best of the best.


And slippers.  I’d really like a pair of slippers.  Seriously. 


Humbly Yours,



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