Chi Psi’s Favorite Things – Graham Davis

For the fifth annual Chi Psi Thanksgiving blog series, we asked the Central Office staff to tell us what they are wishing for this holiday season, Chi Psi’s very own Favorite Things. Today you’ll hear from Graham Davis.

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is for Taylor Swift to realize I’m the one for her. Simple ask, right Santa? I’ve been very good this year. I’ve slept on all sorts of couches, dirty futons, and extra long twins at Alphas all across the country… I’ve sacrificed hours of sleep, and have flown nearly 80 segments since last January. 

Some may say that I moved to Nashville to work for Chi Psi. This is true, but it’s not the whole truth. I also moved for her. For the love of my life…. the future Mrs. Swift-Davis.


From the moment we first met, I’ve been wonderstruck. By “met” I mean I drove by her one time while in the Gulch… her, standing on the street corner, casual and beautiful and perfect. I thought “Oh my god, look at that face.” The image of her red lipstick is permanently engraved in my mind. Ever since, I know she’s been curious about the strikingly handsome blonde man driving the Mazda 3 with a (very) dented fender.

I know she belongs with me. 

She’s shown her soft spot for Texans with countless instagram pictures of Selena Gomez. She recorded the song “22” about me when I was “22”, clearly writing about my love for late night breakfast with the line “it feels like a perfect night for breakfast at midnight.” 

I just want her to add my name to her blank space. Even though she hasn’t specifically used my name in a song yet, that just tells me that she’s playing a game of odds and hasn’t made it to Graham just yet. To quote Taylor, “I want (her) for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever”.

Your Friend,

Graham Davis


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