Chi Psi’s Favorite Things – Donald Beeson

For the fifth annual Chi Psi Thanksgiving blog series, we asked the Central Office staff to tell us what they are wishing for this holiday season, Chi Psi’s very own Favorite Things. Today you’ll hear from Donald Beeson.

I am a constant source of frustration for my wife when it comes to providing a wish list for the holidays, birthdays, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion. While I can always think of things during the course of the year that I would like to have, I never seem to recall what those things are when I’m confronted with the “wish list” question. I wonder if there is some sort of anxiety syndrome which creates gift amnesia. Christmas carols playing in stores starting in late October and the constant barrage of television commercials that invade our lives for the last two months of the year make matters worse. Is it any wonder that many of us suffer gift anxiety and look to the holidays with a mixture of joy and dread?


In reflecting on this year, I realize that I am happiest when I am at home and working on some sort of project. My work is rewarding, but it requires a great deal of travel so at the end of the day, I am most relaxed when I can be home, working on a project that allows me to express my creativity. At any given time I have multiple projects in various stages of completion in the house and in the yard. My current project (priority for Alice) is building a patio and fire pit off our back deck. Fortunately, Lowe’s Chapel (as Alice calls it) is only a few minutes away, and while there is no shortage of holiday products there, the same looks and smells are a constant. The array of hardware, plants, construction materials, and the endless variety shiny toys, I mean tools, are all right there to soothe the soul.


So, what about my wish list? Appreciation for and fellowship with family, laughter, movies together, good food, and of course, a Lowes Chapel gift card wouldn’t hurt so I can finish the fire pit in time for New Year’s Eve.


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