Enjoy Your Community Service!

It’s that time of the year again, the semester is coming to a close and your Community Service Chairman is breathing down your neck about completing your hours. Homework assignments, fantasy football, and countless FIFA matches have prevented you from doing your service hours thus far. You scramble to the nearest soup kitchen and spend what seems like an entire day serving your community. Afterwards, you open up the Google Doc and input your service hours with a long sigh of relief; you made the deadline!

Now what if I told you that you could have fun AND complete your service hours. You would probably think I was crazy right? Well, you can. The trick is to, wait for it… DO THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY! So, without further delay, here are some good ways to spruce up your community service.

1. Pair Up With A Sorority

Want your brothers to show up to those community service opportunities? Throw in a sorority and watch every Brother magically be free.

2. Work With Your Community

Reach out to your local Town Hall and ask if they need volunteers for anything coming up. Communities do a lot of activities that require volunteers. I reached out to the Cary, NC town hall during my senior year and learned that they needed coaches for a youth basketball league. I ended up having one of the most rewarding experiences of my life coaching 13-14 year olds with my best friends.Youth League

3. Do It For The Kids!

Reach out to your local Boys and Girls Club and see if they need any help with upcoming events. Or, put on an event yourself! A couple of Alphas pair up with a sorority and do a “Haunted Lodge” for kids in their area. The event is normally a huge hit not only with the kids but with the ladies as well!

4. Use Your Hands

Maybe you’re an extremely masculine man and working with kids just isn’t your thing. You like working with your hands and power tools. That’s fine, your local Habitat For Humanity has plenty of opportunities to get down and dirty. Carolina Tiger Rescue

5. Special Olympics 

My personal favorite community service activity has to be volunteering at the Special Olympics. The experience of working with those who are not as lucky as we are is immensely rewarding. Plus, it’s a ton of fun. These kids and adults are more than excited to compete in these events and for the time you’re with them you become their best friend!

Hopefully these tips will help your Alpha take its community service to the next level or at least challenge you to think outside the box. If your fraternity is having trouble completing it’s necessary service hours then try implementing some of the above events next semester!

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