Do You Even Relax Bro?

The week has come to an end and now you are left with the impossible task of deciding when you will study and when you will relax this weekend. Inevitably this means you are going to party/tailgate/do absolutely nothing up until Sunday night. You have procrastinated as long as humanly possible and now it’s time to do homework.

You are doing it wrong.

Stop cutting your weekend short! Why would you want the last moments of the weekend to be filled with stress and work? And let’s not forget all the moments you spend worrying about finishing the homework during the entire weekend. With that being said I’d like to introduce you to Sunday morning. I’m going to tell you how to properly use this long neglected time period and master your weekend because let’s face it, tailgates own Saturday and you aren’t doing homework Friday or Saturday night.

Saturday Night Prep: Man up. I get it, you are going hard in the paint tonight but that’s OK. Make any preparations you need to in order to feel ok the next morning. I like having a glass of water and Advil next to the bed when I wake up.

Saturday Night: Do you.

7:00 A.M.: Yup this is when the alarm you’ve set is going off, and it’s loud. Is it way too early? Yup, but this is a decoy alarm, your body is up and now you get to spend the next hour rolling around and really appreciating how comfy your bed and pillow are. Drink half the water and take the Advil now.


7:30 A.M.: This is a more soothing alarm that will wake anyone up that maybe fell back asleep or just remind the others that, “Hey, I still got 30 min. to roll around in bed. Awesome.”

8:00 A.M: Shower time. Finish the glass of water. It’s critical to get out of bed as soon as you hear the final alarm or else you will just fall back into old habits. But this shower is not the typical, “I need to not look like I just woke up and ran to class” shower. This is the, “Yeah, I’m going to take a real long shower.” I recommend 20-30 min. Feel free to start brewing a cup of coffee if you want before hopping in. Take your time and contemplate how awesome life is and how awesome you are. You deserve it. During the last 10 min. think about the order you are going to tackle your work.

8:30 A.M.: Grab your coffee, maybe some breakfast because it’s almost time to start work. Almost. Get all your work out and stack it in the order you want to do it or write a to-do list.

8:45 A.M.: Work is ready to go. Pencils are sharpened and pens are clicked. Time to eat and enjoy your breakfast. Eat outside, peruse Reddit or Facebook, or watch YouTube. Listen to a new song. Get those brain juices flowing.

9:00 A.M.: Work time. There is literally no other mental preparation left. You got this.

Noon: Work is done?!?! Perfect this is when I was going to wake up on Sunday. Now you are free to do Brunch, mini-marathon those shows you want to watch, take a walk, or anything else you could want to do. You are now worry-free to enjoy any of those activities so take the rest of the day off. You earned it.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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