Brotherly Grub– Oxford Ohio

I’m not asking for Derek Taylor or Graham Davis’s permission to do a brotherly grub article. Somehow, I don’t think they would mind. With extreme bias, I can tell you that Oxford, Ohio is the best college town in America. I can guarantee that I could convince anybody that likes college towns of that fact given a weekend trip. Derek already captured one of my favorite spots to eat a couple of years ago with this post. Additional things that make Bagel and Deli great?

  • The menu is all college student submitted. You want to name a bagel? Fine. Just create it, name it, and put it on a poster. They’ll hang it up and if it sells well, it stays.
  • The staff is like a family. It’s hard to memorize that menu and it takes awhile so Bagel and Deli employees are in for the long haul. Rumor has it that if two former Bagel and Deli employees get married (which happens) the owner gives them a brand new bagel steamer as a gift.
  • Former staff have started their own “franchises” in other places so alumni do not have to travel all the way to Oxford to get their nostalgic fix.

I don’t want to just talk about bagels though. Something I have noticed that often goes underutilized in Alphas is a family system. Worst case scenario there is very little to the little and big Brother relationship. Middle case scenario people care a great deal about their individual big/little Brother and develop a high level relationship. Best case scenario, the entire chain of big/little Brothers regularly get together and do something that becomes a tradition. I’ve seen fraternity families play other families in pick up basketball, eat at the same restaurant every time, and there’s one family that will invite friends over and listen to a LP on their record player. In short, I want to focus on the Brotherly part of Brotherly Grub.

Family Holiday Photo

Family Holiday Photo

My family has a tradition of going to Krishna Carryout. Typically we go on Sundays and directly following initiation. The food is fantastic and more than enough for an entire day of eating. With no disrespect to the Indian buffet that you might love, the best Indian food that I have found always is entree based. Some Indian places will politely laugh when you ask them to give you, “the spiciest you can, and not just white boy spicy”. Krishna makes me sweat in a good way, one that does not involve ANY cardio. If you like spicy, I would recommend the Chicken Jalfrezi. Otherwise, I would go with the Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Vindaloo. Garlic Nan is a requirement. To those of you that might doubt this place because it is in the Midwest, I have tried Indian food literally all over and have yet to find a better place to sample Indian cuisine. I am open to suggestions.


As good as the food is, Krishna allows me to spending a couple of hours each time I visit Oxford and catch up with the people who I helped mentor as they joined the Alpha. Growing up, traditions were a big emphasis in my family. They help link you together as a unit. I would encourage you to develop your own unique subculture within your Alpha. Things like this are what you will remember most fondly when you look back as your undergraduate career as a Chi Psi.


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