How are you making an impact?

For any of you that are football fans (and I’m guessing that is a very high ratio within the readers of this blog) October means the return of the color pink into your favorite teams’ uniforms. Any of you that follow any Zeta Tau Alpha sisters on Instagram will likely see a lot of photos of pink ribbons being passed out at NFL and college games by smiling young women.  This is the difference that community service can make, and all it takes is the motivation to try something new. The Think Pink campaign is one of the best examples of how a local service project can grow into much, much more and I applaud the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha on their efforts to grow this movement each year.


So, what are you and your Alpha doing to make a positive impact this fall?

While there is no national campaign that is coordinated by the CO, Alphas are encouraged to serve their local community in any way that they see fit. Here are the steps that you should take to get involved;

Reach out to your Greek Advisor

Your Greek Life office gets calls and e-mails every day asking for volunteer organizations to help with local projects. Reach out to them and they can help steer you in the right direction of a project that will align with your Alpha’s values.

Reach out to Parents and Alumni

You won’t know what opportunities exist with parents and local alumni until you ask. A local alumnus could be on a foundation board and in need of help with their goals for the year. A local parent might be an organizer of a charity 5k that the Alpha can help run.

Reach out to the Central Office

If you’re struggling with a new idea and want feedback or just want to see what other Alphas are doing don’t hesitate to reach out to the central office. We are always happy to take a phone call or an email and provide feedback and ideas.


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