Why The Heck Would Anyone Join A Fraternity ?!?

Fraternities are horrible organizations. They promote excessive drinking and adverse moral values. Week in and week out, fraternities prove themselves unworthy of university recognition as they send students to the hospital and tank their members’ grades. It’s safe to say that fraternities are the bane of universities’ existence.


That’s what a typical article about fraternities would say. So why are 85% of executives of Fortune 500 companies in fraternities? Why is the all-fraternity average GPA consistently higher than the all-male average? Because simply put, fraternities aren’t horrible organizations.

Fraternities do some amazing things for their members and communities. Last year alone, fraternities raised 17.6 million philanthropic dollars and completed 2.8 million hours of community service. Our organizations make the college experience more enjoyable, aid in the development of long-term relationships, and build better men. And, with fraternity membership at 350,000 and raising, we’re obviously doing something right. However, the overall goal is and should be to move even further away from these stereotypes. So, how do we do this?

Many of fraternities’ problems can be solved with recruitment, and this one is no different. Recruit your solutions and graduate your problems. Talking with members about why they want to join a fraternity or which fraternities they’re considering joining can provide valuable insight into their intentions. Also, an effective way to get quality members is to have quality events. Events like parties send the wrong message to recruits about what being in a fraternity is about. However, inviting a recruit to an event like Puppies and Pops, which actually is where I’m writing this post, can seal the deal on that 4.0 Rhodes Scholar you’ve been going after.

Pups and Pops

If we are ever to beat the image placed on fraternities, then we have to stop offering membership to men looking for stereotypical groups. Giving membership to these men is only furthering these stereotypes and detracting from the overall Greek experience. Potential members should demonstrate the values that the fraternity sponsors, and strive for excellence in all of their pursuits.

Pink Tie

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