How To Effectively Manage Your Stakeholders

As a leader in your fraternity you have several groups who care about the future of your organization. The connections between these groups and yours are vital to your well being. Below are some tips to help maintain these relationships.


1. Once a week meetings

These are important to make sure your stakeholders are on the same page as you. The groups that frequently get these are the greek life office, alumni, and brothers. Letting them know what you’re up to builds trust and puts you on their good side.


2. Be honest

Lying to these groups can put you in hot water. Your stakeholders only have your best interest in mind and want to help you grow. Give them the most accurate information so they can better assist you.


3. Be Nice

Now, I know this seems like common sense but, you would be surprised. There are going to be situations with your stakeholders where you don’t see eye to eye. During these times, take a step back and approach the situation in an adult manner. Responding in anger or passive aggressiveness could ruin the relationship.


4. Bring gifts

How would your local police department’s opinion of you change if you brought a box of donuts by once a week? It’s hard to not like someone who brings you gifts.


5. Have a BBQ

Invite your stakeholders to a BBQ to meet one another. The guest list should include brothers, parents, alumni, greek life office, IFC, The local police department.


As the year begins, I hope you will take these tips into consideration. A good relationship with your stakeholders can open up opportunities for your organization or save you from a bad situation!

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