7 Ways to Personally Help the Alpha’s Recruitment, Social Scene, and Sorority Relations

If you’re not a Recruitment Chairman, Social Chairman, #1 or other Alpha officer, it can be easy to think that you can’t really do much to help your Alpha with recruitment or social life, but that is NOT true! Here are seven ways that each and every Brother can personally help the Alpha up its recruitment and social games.

1. Make friends outside of Chi Psi/your dorm


Join another organization on campus that will help further your resume or serves one of your interests. Not only do these organizations often offer something more specific that Chi Psi can: they will also have sorority women, men from other fraternities, and potential PNMs that you can get to know in a more meaningful setting. High functioning Alphas recruit from pipeline organizations, make allies in the Greek community from pipeline organizations, and require that their members join organizations that will further their development. Spending time doing something other than Chi Psi can be a good thing that should be encouraged.

2. Make friends in class

classroom friends

Be an involved student. Don’t be that guy that answers everything, but toe the line between caring and caring too much. One of my best friends from college is an Alpha Phi that I worked on a group project with in the first college class that I took Freshman year. As you progress in your major, you are even more likely to share common interests with the people in your class. My informal logic class got along so well that the next semester we met up at a bar with the professor. I recruited a Chi Psi in that class and made several friends that were in other fraternities.

3. Make friends with your professors


One of my professors told me that I would never have an easier time of networking with successful people invested in my success than in college. Professors are more than just educators. They can be potential fraternity advisers, mentors, and are surely high on the list of people that can get you hired (I.E.: PAID). Also, it goes without saying that the office hours grade bump is a REAL thing. You will get grades that you do not deserve if the professors know that you are genuinely interested in the subject material.

4. Make friends with the dining/living staff

Dining Staf

Who likes free pizza? What about free sandwiches? These people that clean up after you and give you food are more than just workers. They do this every year in part because they enjoy getting to know and help support freshman living away from home for the first time. I know it sounds unconventional, but one of my dorm friends freshman year met his girlfriend through a dorm worker. He played matchmaker and convinced both of them to try going on a blind date.

5. Make friends with the Senior that comes to everything but has never been a leader in the Alpha


You know that guy. Comes to every meeting and every brotherhood. He won’t list the fraternity on his resume because he didn’t take any leadership positions. Yeah, that guy. Make friends with him. He will be able to give you a totally non-biased, objective read on the best and worst parts of being a Chi Psi. Also, he probably likes doing cool things totally off the radar like hunting, rock climbing, playing pool, etc.

5. Treat every interaction as a chance to impress or disappoint

Not Impressed

Part of why the whole Greek thing is convenient for socialization is the way our brains work. We love stereotyping, which is basically a very functional way of the brain simplifying complex information into more manageable chunks. Some people will see you as just being another, “frat guy”. Others will see you and apply a positive or negative stereotype based on the organization they affiliate you with. In all of these instances you have the ability to convert someone into a supporter of Chi Psi/Greek Life or make them an opponent/reinforce a negative stereotype.

6. Learn as much as you can about your college town


The best part about going to college is just how much the town’s social scene is geared towards college students. Don’t be that person that finds out about a college social scene their senior year. Keep an eye out for local hiking spots, interesting businesses to visit, dope local restaurants, and awesome study abroad programs that your college/university offers. You have four years to get to know the town that you went to school. That connection will be with you forever. Don’t spend those four years making memories at Jimmy Johns and Chipotle.

7. Don’t ever be “That Guy”

Scumbag Steve

Whether you are at an event with a sorority, in class, being social on the weekends, playing pick up basketball at the rec, or frequenting the local brunch spot…Don’t be that guy. You intuitively know who that guy is, it’s the person calling the most attention to himself with immature and look at me behavior. If you are at a small school, being “That Guy” will be a sure way to get you to want to transfer. At a larger school you might be able to personally avoid having everyone treat you poorly, but people will associate your behavior with your fraternity brothers. Long story short the only people that lose when you are “that guy” are you and everyone that associates with you.

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