Advice to Avoid The Biggest Regrets of My College Years

Hearing all of my friends talk about preparing for their first days of class has me thinking back to my days as an undergraduate at North Carolina State University. Of course with all of the good memories that come to mind, there are things that pop up that make me wish I had those days back. So today on the blog I’m going to be telling you some regrets of my collegiate experience to help all of you get the most out of yours.


1. Join another Student organization and take a leadership position

This is a regret of mine because I was always a part of other organizations but never a leader. I took leadership positions in my fraternity and considered that enough. But I now see that the deep friendships I made in the fraternity were because of my positions. It forces you to be at every event, work with the members of the organization, and ultimately just improve your overall skill set. So get out and grab a position in another organization!


2. Keep up with your friends

I had a great friend my first year at NC State in my roommate. He and I had been bros since high school and got along great as roommates. However, college took us our separate ways and we didn’t see each other that much. We’re still good friends but If I had just reached out to him once a week to hang out, I would still have him as a close friend.


3. Go To Class!

Yes, I know the teacher’s boring. Yes, I understand he pulls the information from the slides. But what if he gives you a couple hints for the upcoming tests? What if the guy beside you happens to have his old tests? It’s a lesson that could have saved me hours in the library.


4. Go to the University events

Does your university have Silent Disco, Dance Marathon, Rec Fest or events similar? Either way you get the point. I stopped going after I was a junior and as such I stopped meeting some cool people. Never get too cool for school.


5. Leave the cool cap at home. 

My last regret is kind of an all encompassing one. What I mean by that is don’t be too cool to try new things and put yourself out there. College is an awesome time. You don’t have your parents to watch over you. This is the time where I grew into an adult and really found some new passions. And I don’t mean drinking, I’m talking about picking up a new sport, activity or hobby. So the next time that odd guy who sits next to you in Calc 2 invites you to play quidditch, don’t be so quick to say no. THIS IS COLLEGE, try something new and weird. You might find a new hobby.


Now to finish I would like to say, I had a blast in college. I do not regret my college years in any way shape or form. I just realize that these would have helped make my experience more enjoyable. So as you start this new year, consider my regrets and use them to improve your time in college.

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