Sending your Offspring to College?!

This is a very exciting moment for you as a parent. You will no longer have to worry about getting your son or daughter up for school in the morning or going to parent teacher conferences. Additionally, they will no longer be asking to borrow the car or blasting their robotic music late at night.

With this change, you will have some decisions to make. I’d like to offer some tips I used to tell parents while I gave campus tours.

1. Help your student set up a bank account within walking distance of the campus if your regional bank is not nearby.


Today’s as good a day as any to start learning how to manage money.

2. Don’t move more than you have to! I went to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in upstate NY and selected some items I would need for school in CO they can have it all packaged up in the schools location for you to pick up and pay for. It’s very convenient for bedding, laundry baskets, and beyond!


There’s a lot of beyond in there.

3. Take his or her roommate or new friend out for a meal. It’s good to know who your child is replacing you with as a roommate.


All college kids love the generous parents of roommates, and they never pass up free food!

4. Don’t buy a printer. Printers break, ink is more expensive than human blood/ gallon (for real), and you typically have printer money loaded onto your student ID for use.


Avoid epic printer fights and just use the ones on campus.

5. Try to minimize the amount of clothing they bring. I found myself walking by an overwhelming mound that took a day to wash entirely. (this also incentivizes them to drive home for a free washer once and a while)


They can’t wear the clothes if they’re dirty all the time so just keep some of them at home.

6. Allow them to lead the way around campus and take some wrong turns. It’s the fastest way for them to learn their way around


Don’t let this happen to your child.

7. Give your baby a little space to go mingle and have lunch with the other freshman students.

Helicopter Parent

Avoid the urge to helicopter!

8. Encourage your child to room with someone who they do not know. They can still meet up with their high school buddy and have a group of 4 friends with the new roommates.

New Friends

Just do it.

9. Try to offer your son or daughter some time management advice. Let them know they can study and participate in organizations during their own hours but it should be for 8 hours a day at a minimum.


Bad things happen when we run out of time.

10. Tell your kids why going Greek was beneficial for you!

Not exactly the Go Greek we had in mind, but this looks good, too.

Not exactly the Go Greek we had in mind, but this looks good, too.

This list primarily covers things I wished I knew during freshman move-in as I am now a recent college graduate. In the end, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back, you got your kid to college. That’s quite an achievement. Prepare for a decline in household junk food. You are now ready for grapenuts, prune juice, and an AARP membership.

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