19 Resources You Never Knew The Central Office Offered

Did you know the Central Office provides more resources than just consultants? In fact, Chances are, you’re Alpha isn’t taking advantage of all the resources that are available to you.


He’s using his resources. Are you?

But don’t worry, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! I mean after reading this if you don’t take advantage of them then yes, totally your fault.

1. Event Ideas

Maybe you could play basketball?

Maybe you could play basketball?

Social, Philanthropy, Brotherhood, you name it, we have an event category for you to look at!

AND even better, it contains the materials and cost required for the event. Just go to the Website and click Undergraduate then click Program for Excellence.

2. Alumni Contact Information

Putting on an event and want to invite all Alumni in the area? We’ll get that information for you, just give us a call or email or whatever you kids use these days.

3. Forums for connecting with Alumni

Go to the Website, sign in, scroll down and click My groups. They’re organized into main categories and then sub-categories from that.

4. Career Advice Resources

Call us, we’ll do our best to connect you with someone who can help you!


Wow. Learned something new

5. Name Tag Template

What was your name again? Avoid these awkward moments with name tags! Alumni event? Name tags! Faculty Social? Name tags! Going to the bars to meet girls? Name tags!

6. Alumni Communication Assistance (Fee)

Having trouble organizing that Alumni Newsletter? Wish you could just send in a word document with the information and have it magically be put into a Newsletter? Well, Teri may not be able to use magic but I think what she does is about as close as you’ll find. Give us a call.

7. Newsletter Template

Or, I mean if you MUST do it yourself… Just go online and go to the Undergraduate tab and then click “Marketing and Communications”

8. #1 Manual

Everything you need to know to be an effective #1. You may ask, how much does this groundbreaking book cost and where do i get it? Well, its not at Barnes and Noble (not yet anyway). Just go to the undergraduate tab online and give your Alpha Visitor a call if you have questions or suggestions.

9. #4 Manual1017660_10200378980146999_1309131521_n

Fresh off the press! Our Senior Boston area consultant Zolot just finished updating it and it contains everything you need to know to be an effective Money Hoarder. Go online and hit the Undergraduate tab.

tumblr_molfz22oxA1s86v21o1_50010. All due dates for everything we ever ask for!

Yep, no excuses now. You can’t unsee this. Go online to the Undergraduate tab.

11. Letterhead Template

Want to trick someone into thinking your professional? What’s more professional than a nice letterhead. Online, Undergraduate Tab, then Marketing and Communications.

12. Event Invitations Template

Go to the Undergraduate tab, then marketing and communications.

13. Flyer Template

Want to litter your campus with propaganda on your upcoming Recruitment? Go to Undergraduate, Marketing and Communications.

tumblr_lqbjp1KT1m1qj22v2o1_50014. Business Card Template

Look fancy and impress recruits with your AWESOME business cards! Go to the Undergraduate tab and click Marketing and Communications


15. Official Seals and Banners

No more Google image searches. Online under Undergraduate and Marketing and Communications.

16. Apparel

Theres a national line of apparel! Bowties, Cumberbunds, Shirts, and more! Check our online store.

17. Website Assistance

Not sure how to make a Website? We offer WordPress for free to all of our Alphas. If you’re having trouble, give us a call, we’ll do our best to help you get your website up and running. Go online to the Undergraduate tab and click Website Assistance.

18. Scholarship Plan Assistancetumblr_myic0imoAh1ruwhgbo1_400

So your Alpha isn’t full of bookworms but you still need that GPA to go up. Go to the Undergraduate tab and click Academic Program Resources.

19. Scholarships and Fellowships

Every year the Educational Trust gives thousands of dollars to undergraduates. To apply for these go to the Undergraduate tab and click on Scholarship and Fellowships.


There you go! 19 Resources you just never knew were available to you from the Central Office. Hopefully these help you succeed in the upcoming semesters. With that being said, remember, the greatest resources available to you are your Alumni and Faculty Advisors and Alpha Visitors. They have extensive knowledge as to how fraternities work and how you can take your Alpha to the next level. Good luck this year and I will see you at Convention!






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