5 Events to Kick off a Great Year

With the 4th of July now past us, it seems the summer is beginning to wind down (Already? I know). That means that it’s time to start making plans for fall. Here are some great recruitment and social events that will help your Alpha start the year off with a bang!


Freshman Move in

Gather up the brothers to lend a hand to incoming freshman! This is a great way to welcome people unfamiliar with your campus. Feel free to assist the freshman men and women and ask their parents how they will be renovating the childhood bedroom. While you’re helping out make sure to extend invitations to an upcoming Lodge BBQ. Remember to wear your letters while engaged on campus! Click here for a full planning guide for this event.


Welcome back BBQ
This event is easy. Make sure to plan around freshman orientation events. If you feel like trying something larger scale, try roasting an entire pig! For additional fun, bring out the lawn games so people like me can pretend to play sports. Sam Bessey does not recommend lawn darts. Click here for a full planning guide for this event.


Outdoor movie
Rent a projector and use a white top sheet to show an outdoor movie. You can do this after the BBQ or on another night. Pop some popcorn or make a massive trough of nachos for guests. Click here for a full planning guide for this event.


Dance Lessons
Contrary to popular belief, girls don’t like watching guys play video games or water pong. My mother has informed me that they enjoy mingling and dancing. For this event you will need to contact a sorority well in advance. Pick a date, venue, and hire a dance instructor. A week before the date, make sure to visit the sorority you will be mixing with to present flowers and express your excitement for the upcoming event. The only part left is talking to girls. You can practice by calling me if you need to rehearse. Click here for a full planning guide for this event.


Lodge Putt Putt
Have 18 brothers set up a putt putt hole in their room or at the selected venue. You can rent putters and balls from the near by putt putt course. Dress us in your best country club garb and find a date. This event has been a great success at many alphas. Make sure to provide a massive trophy for the couple with the lowest score. Click here for a full planning guide for this event.


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