10 Things to Know About Alex Howell

544339_10152676314560607_1903370046_n     Hey bros, I’m Alex Howell though most people just call me Howell (probably due to overabundance of Alexes at our Alpha). Here are ten things about myself.

1. I was born and raised in Miami, FL.


2. I graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Economics. I also have a concentration in Aerospace Engineering.


3. I enjoy cooking and trying new foods.404638_4860178632294_2076837769_n

4. Despite my love of food I do not have a cast iron stomach.

5. I love living in big cities. I like having access to many different things. Lived in Atlanta. Miami, and now Nashville.

6. I like to shoot trap among other things.579260_10152192594820173_762244456_n

7. I like to relax by playing videogames. I probably should stop playing so many frustrating videogames.

8. Despite what many people may think, I do enjoy a good game of sportsball.


9. I learn something new everyday, like today I learned I am allergic to peaches.

10. I strongly believe that you should try anything twice…except peaches.


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