10 Things You Should Know About Nick Taylor


  1. I am from somewhere you have never heard of in southeastern North Carolina. Now, when I hear people say they’re from a small town, I laugh. They typically mean 2,000 people or so. That’s about 5 times as large as my hometown. As of the 2010 Census, Dublin has a population of 388 living within its city limits. With that being said, I loved my childhood and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The town hall of Dublin, NC.

The town hall of Dublin, NC.

  2. Music is one of my favorite things. New age Country is one of my least favorite. Let me elaborate on why a guy from a humble rural town with small town roots doesn’t like country music. It’s all the same song! If you don’t believe me, ask the Google “Why country music was awful in 2013” (or just click here) and watch the hilarious video that tops the page.  Other than that, some of my top artists include Steely Dan, John Mayer, Curren$y, Alabama, Frank Sinatra, and Billy Joel. 3. I love being active, and I will make you be too! I grew up playing basketball, golf, and volleyball but have since expanded into tennis. I love sports but just being generally active is something I enjoy. With that being said, I don’t like doing these things alone, so if its exercise time you might want to go hide somewhere. Lest you be sucked into physical activity.

Brother Maharana enjoying a mid-set break during one of our workouts

Brother Maharana enjoying a mid-set break during one of our workouts

  4. I am a HUGE Super Smash Brothers fan. During my time in college I picked up the quaint little addiction of playing Super Smash Brothers, partially due to a good friend who was also an addict. If your’ Alpha plays, be prepared when I come into town. SmashBros 5. I love trying to new things, even if they’re not the coolest. I am always open to new ideas, games, music, and sports. Throw some stuff at me. Chances are, I’ll like them. 6. Volume levels of televisions have to be set to a 0, 5, or even number. I have heard this is actually a popular pet peeve of people. Meme 7. How many CamelBak’s have I had? 6. That’s right, I am on my 7th CamelBak. After my 5th I tried to keep Mr. and Mrs. Bak updated on my water bottle purchases in hope they would send me some cool gear or a thank you letter or a pencil. I have received nothing. 8. I coached a 13-14 year old youth Basketball league this past Spring. This was far and away one of my favorite college experiences. Two friends and my older brother were my assistant coaches and we had a blast! Since we were closer in age to the kids than the other coaches we were able to joke around a lot more. I highly recommend coaching a youth team if you can and also, it’s a ton of service hours! YouthBallTeam 9. I went to North Carolina State University. I joined Chi Psi in the Fall of 2011 where I went on to hold the Pledge Educator, #4, and Recruitment positions. I graduated this spring in Business with a Finance concentration.

Graham Biggs and I at an NC State Tailgate

Graham Biggs and I at an NC State Tailgate

10. I plan on tearing up every local restaurant within a square mile of your Alpha. That’s right. Hide your kids, hide your wife, I am coming to your town with a fork and a knife. But seriously, after this job I am going to need a good personal trainer to get back in shape.

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