10 Optional Facts to Know About Max Greene

I grew up in Rochester, NY

  • Graduated from Pittsford Sutherland High School (30 minutes from Phillip Spencer’s Canandaigua Academy)
  • Middle child with and older and younger brother
  • I am the most powerful sibling



Studied Finance and Real Estate at CU Boulder

  • I enjoyed the real estate portions
  • I hope to get back into real estate development in the future
  • Graduated without any honors in May of 2014
  • I gave campus tours and wore cords for that to impress my family


I played a sport at a Division 1 school

  • This is what I tell girls when I meet them.

My sport was not a division 1 sport

  • we didn’t have to work out consistently… or ever

I was on the sailing team and we rarely practiced

  • We did get to travel around the country, which was a blast!


Alpine Regatta

David Bretl is my cousin

  • He’s too embarrassed to tell anyone
  • I’m the one who should be embarrassed



Qualified window washer with three years of experience

  • This was the perfect summer job
  • I got to spend all day outside with my friends and play on ladders.



I enjoy cooking and eating most types of food

  • Oysters are terrible
  • BBQ is fantastic.
  • I love anything cooked on a grill
  • I’m happy to try new restaurants in all cities!

our_smoker_pig_roast (1)

I drove an Ice Cream truck for part of a summer 

  • I figured no one disliked the ice cream man, until I met other ice cream men
  • The pay was not very good on rainy days
  • I didn’t eat as much ice cream as you would expect
  • I ate much more than that.










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