Why You Should Come to Nashville Next Month

The Chi Psi blog focuses on self-improvement quite a bit. Articles range from how to motivate your seniors to establishing sorority relations to recruiting effectively and so on ad nauseam. Today I am going to focus on two things: 1) Nashville and 2) why this Convention is going to be worth attending because of Chi Psi, but mostly because of Nashville. Because a Chi Psi blog just would not feel right without SOME nod to Alpha operations I am going to base my pitch around the 5 F’s that help you master recruitment conversation.


1) Family/Friends

Convention is probably the highest concentration of friends in one place outside of a wedding that I get each year. I can promise you all that there is someone coming to Nashville next month that you can have a rip-roaring good time with. But more importantly, I can guarantee you that there are people coming to Nashville next month that you could end up being your best friends. Chi Psi is a small, intimate fraternity. With our size comes the occasional disadvantage, but one of our greatest strengths is that Our Bonds do not diminish from school to school. It is entirely reasonable for a Chi Psi to have met an brother from every Alpha by the time they have graduated and I know plenty who have. Come to Nashville next month because we are a family. And yes we have nerdy Alphas. We have our slacker Alphas. We have Alphas that are cooler than cucumbers in Colorado in January. We have Alphas that are that quirky uncle who always brings a wildcard element to the table. And I would not have it any other way. Get to know and appreciate the uniqueness of the Chi Psi family. Come to Nashville.

2) Favorites

In my short time in Nashville I have come to love the city and to be honest it was a smooth transition. The favorite ice cream around town is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams–an old friend of mine given its Ohio roots (founded and based in Columbus, Ohio). Everything else though has been a cultural immersion. Hot Chicken is probably the dish that is most native to Nashville. Imagine the most delicious, crispiest fried chicken you have ever had. Now add a healthy dose of spice and heat. Garnish with a pickle and use the wonderbread that they give you for a napkin. Yelp likes Hattie B’s or Prince’s and everyone seems to have their favorite place. It is amazing to me how knowledgeable Nashville residents are about the intricacies of the various recipes and modes of preparing Hot Chicken. Come to Nashville next month because Hot Chicken will be your new favorite dish. Side note: There is going to be a disgusting amount of Chi Psi talent on display next month. Come to Nashville and meet some of my favorite gentlemen.

3) Firsts

Everyone knows about all of Chi Psis firsts because of their rigorous pledge education program. But think about the firsts that you can create for yourself if you come to Nashville next month. You might be coming to Nashville for your first convention. This could be the first time that some of you are south of the Mason-Dixon line or east of the Mississippi river. Come to meet an undergraduate for the first time from schools like Hamilton, Berkeley, or South Carolina. If you approach Convention with the right mentality you might make your first life-long friend from another Alpha. Come to Nashville to have your first conversation with Sam Bessey or if you are lucky his wife Meg. Next month could be the first time your Alpha receives a Founder’s, Thayer, or a Goodbody trophy while you have been active. Regardless of what your firsts might be next month, come to Nashville because you are going to have an experience.

4) Fun

I am going to keep this very concise. Nashville is a helluva time. Whether you are a tourist taking in Broadway or a local going to the Gulch or Midtown there literally is something for everything. Consider yourself a hipster? Of course you don’t! But if you like hanging around hipster neighborhoods and watering holes–East Nashville has got you covered. If I had spent some more time in the city I would feel more confident giving you all some advice, but the truth is I have never had a bad night out in Nashville.

5) From

Come to Nashville next month to learn more about Chi Psi. The biggest eye opener for me during my first convention was to really understand the full scope of our fraternity. Greek Life is so different at the surface level when you move from region to region. The way in which it manifests itself across our Alphas is fascinating. But at the end of the day each and every one of our Alphas owes its current existence back to Union College in 1841. Learning about how the fraternal experience has changed over time from alumni that come to Convention will give you some good perspective about your own undergraduate experience. Come to Nashville next month to learn more about the country. I remember vividly interacting with the guys from Beta and Delta Delta during my first convention. Meeting people from the West Coast and South Carolina was a relatively novel experience for me as I had spent most of my life living in Ohio at the time. Come to Nashville to bring a little bit of your own region, Alpha, or school to the table.


I am looking forward to having Chi Psi come together again for our annual celebration of our brotherhood. I hope to take something different from this Convention and add to my understanding of fraternity. I hope that you all have something that you are looking forward to experiencing and if you have not made the decision to attend or not…. Come to Nashville next month!

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